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Scrap Collector
Scrap Collector Features & Benefits Scrap Collector In Action

Why is the Scrap Collector a better choice than a pre-rinse and cone setup?

PROBLEMS: Typical Dish Room

Scrap Collector Solution

A person using a pre-rinse spray can only scrap, rack, pre-rinse and load dishes at the rate of 800 dishes per hour. If a conveyor dish machine is used, the operator will not keep up.

Some communities do not allow the use of food waste disposers.

SOLUTION: Scrap Collector

On person

  • Recirculated water used for pre-flushing typically reduces water and sewer costs dramatically. The Scrap Collector consumes only 2 gallons of water per minute while the pre-flushing water plume recirculates at 30 gallons per minute.
  • Scrapping speed is more than doubled compared to a pre-rinse spray since both hands are left free for scrapping and the powerful plume of water runs continually over dishes.
  • Problem dishes with dried or baked-on food can be soaked in the collector basin while work continues on other items.
  • Sanitary alternative to dirty, smelly and heavy garbage cans.
  • An economical pulper alternative, the Collector reduces food waste bulk and weight while costing less than expensive and complicated mechanical pulpers.
  • Low maintenance is a benefit of simple design with a pump being the only moving part.
  • Every community in the U.S. accepts the Salvajor Collector line for food waste disposal.

Scrap Collectors Features & Benefits

Salvajor Scrap Collector

  1. Salvage Basin
    Traps tableware of all types.
  2. Scrap Basket
    Lightweight and retains all fibrous waste.
  3. Gusher Tube
    Directs water plume for scrapping and pre-flushing.
  4. Non-Clogging Pump
    Thermally Protected Motor
    Recirculates at the rate of 30 gallons per minute.
  5. Overflow Pipe
    Skims surface waste water and helps maintain water clarity within the system
  6. Furnished with:
    Incoming Water Valves and Check Valves
    For easy connection and maintenance. Consumes only 2 gallons of new water per minute.
  7. Furnished with:
    Factory Pre-wired NEMA 4X Control Panel with Line Voltage Disconnect and Operating Light
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