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Why is the ScrapMaster so much more efficient than typical dish room technology?


PROBLEM: Typical Dish Room

A person using a pre-rinse spray can only scrap, rack, pre-rinse and load dishes at the rate of 60-70 racks per hour.

One Person

SOLUTION: ScrapMaster

  • Scrapping speed is more than doubled compared to a pre-rinse spray since both hands are free for work.
  • Labor savings range from (a) making one person able to do more work with less help to (b) eliminate an entire job.
  • Problem dishes can be soaked in the basin while work continues. The basin also traps dropped silverware.
  • Less splashing occurs with a water plume than a messy pre-rinse spray.
Salvajor Scrapmaster


Furnished With:
Incoming Water Valves and Check Valves for easy connection and maintenance.

  1. Self Cleaning Separator Comb
    Allows water to return to the reservoir for re-cycling.
  2. Salvage Basin with Bowl Guard
    Traps tableware of all types.
  3. Control Panel
    Factory Pre-wired NEMA 4 Control Panel with Line Voltage Disconnect, LCD Readout display and Operator Sensing Technology.
  4. Non-Clogging Pump
    Thermally Protected Motor
    Recirculates water for scrapping
    and is protected against overload.
  5. Quick Opening Drain Valve
    For easy and fast tank draining.
  6. Direct Drive Separator Motor
    Sealed gearhead requires no maintenance.
  7. Disposer Safety Switch
    Turns system off when safety cover is raised.
  8. Disposer Safety Cover
    Hinged cover for safe and easy cleaning.
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