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Trough Collector
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Why is the Trough Collector a better choice than an uncontrolled fresh water trough?

PROBLEMS: Typical Dish Room


A fresh water trough may cost less to install, but uncontrolled water consumption will cost thousands of dollars per year in wasted water.

Food jams in a slow-moving fresh water trough have to be pushed toward the disposer by hand while work stops.

Scrapping problems abound in the narrow troughs dictated by low available water pressure.

Dish machine rejects are common in a fresh water trough since there is virtually no pre-rinsing.

Some communities do not allow the use of food waste disposers.

SOLUTION: Trough Collector


  • Recirculated water savings average $2000 per year compared to an uncontrolled fresh water trough.
  • Water velocity of 70 recirculated gallons per minute propels food waste down the trough and into the Collector with no extra manual effort while dropped silverware is trapped in the salvage basin for easy removal.
  • Wider troughs made possible by high water velocity let you soak problem dishes, or add gusher heads to pre-rinse compartmented trays.
  • Design flexibility offered by high water velocity lets troughs turn one or more corners.
  • Sanitary alternative to dirty, smelly and heavy garbage cans.
  • An economical pulper alternative, the Collector reduces food waste bulk and weight while costing less than expensive and complicated mechanical pulpers.
  • Low maintenance is a benefit of simple design with a pump being the only moving part.
  • Every community in the U.S. accepts the Salvajor Collector line for food waste disposal.

Trough Collectors Features & Benefits

Furnished with: Incoming Water Valves and Check Valves For easy connection and maintenance. Consumes only 2 gallons of new water per minute.


  1. Salvage Basin
    Traps tableware of all types.
  2. Scrap Basket
    Lightweight and retains all fibrous waste.
  3. Overflow Pipe
    Skims surface waste water and helps maintain water clarity within the system.
  4. Non-Clogging Pump
    Easily removed to eliminate extended downtime.
  5. Trough Mounting Flange
    For easy connection to fabricated trough.
  6. Furnished with:
    Factory Pre-wired NEMA 4X Control Panel with Line Voltage Disconnect and Operating Light
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